Playing venue: Thon Hotel Gausdal (formerly Gausdal Høifjellshotell), Address: Gausdal, Norway.
GM-group A:  Round-Robin with 10 players. Expected ELO-average at least 2500 (GM-norm 5.5 or 6.0/9). Interested players having a FIDE-ELO of at least 2400 on the list of January or April 2007: Please contact the organiser as soon as possible and at latest 1 February 2007.
GM-group B:  A 9-round Swiss offering excellent chances for IM-, WGM- and WIM-norms, and some chances for GM-norms. The GM-B Swiss is open to all GM, IM, WGM, WIM, FM and WFMs, and for other players having at least 2150 in FIDE-ELO on the list of January or April 2007 registering before 10 April 2007. A few players with a lower ELO registering their interest before 1 April 2007 might be allowed to play.
ELO-group: This is a 9-round FIDE-rated Swiss open to all players with a FIDE-ELO of at least 1900 on the list of January or April 2007 registering before 10 April 2007. A limited number of players with a lower ELO or no ELO whatsoever registering their interest before 1 April 2007 will be allowed to play.
Prize Fund:
GM-group A
1.EUR1300 + a troll
GM-group B
1.EUR800 + a troll
1.NOK2000 + a troll
Prizes are guaranteed.
Rate of Play: 40 moves in 2 hours, 20 moves in 1 hour and ½ hour for the rest.
Live Games: All games from GM-group A and the top boards from GM-group B will be sent live.
Wednesday18 April17.00-18.00Registration
    19.00-02.00Round 1
Thursday 19 April14.00-21.00Round 2
Friday 20 April14.00-21.00Round 3
Saturday 21 April14.00-21.00Round 4
Sunday 22 April    14.00-21.00Round 5
Monday 23 April14.00-21.00Round 6
Tuesday 24 April14.00-21.00Round 7
Wednesday25 April14.00-21.00Round 8
Thursday 26 April09.00-16.00Round 9
    16.00 (latest) Prize giving
Evening program:
Thursday 19 April21.00 - 21.45Lecture by GM Igor Rausis (in English).
Friday 20 April21.00 - 21.45Lecture by GM Dimitri Reinderman (in English).
Saturday    21 April21.00 - 21.45Øystein Brekke presents chess slides.
    21.45 - 22.30Lecture by GM Michail Krasenkow (in English).
Sunday 22 April    21.00 - 23.00 Teamtalkingchess tournament Snurre Open.
Monday 23 April21.00 - 22.30Lecture by Hans Olav Lahlum about Norway, Sweden and Denmark during World War II (in Norwegian).
Tuesday 24 April21.00 - 21.45Lecture by IM Irina Krush (in English).
There will also be a lecture by GM Lajos Portisch, but the date is not set.
The evening program is free and open to all.
Conditions: The players are offered a package consisting of
  • Start Fee
  • Accomodation at the hotel
  • All meals
  • Bus Oslo - Gausdal - Oslo
The price depends on the group, the player's title, ELO and type of room.
Female and junior players will get a lower price.
Information: Hans Olav Lahlum    (Organizer)